Yolla Phone Mockup

A simple objective was the aim for Yolla. To create an all-in-one symbol that would represent the brand’s message.

We went with the minimal direction that would be memorable and timeless to the market.

We then combined the symbols for ‘e-mail‘, ‘SMS conversation‘, while forming the ‘letter y‘ in the process.

The logo is created in a way that the logomark and logotype can stand alone as a mark that can be used as app and notification icons.

Yolla Logo Lockup

The logotype is created using a customized ‘Poppins’.

Yolla Ipad Mockup
Person Holding a Phone
Yolla Business Card
Yolla App Icon

“ We were amazed at how they handled the project. We would really much like to work with them again, you can put your trust in their process.

Elijah Lindberg, Yolla

Yolla Phone Mockup

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