Kitsune Ipad Mockup

The goal was to create a Japanese-inspired mark that will represent the brand as contemporary, playful, and a hint of traditional.

The brand takes its name from the Japanese word ‘kitsune’ which means ‘fox’. It is also often a symbol of wisdom and good fortune.

We continued to explore directions and then went forward with a simple but memorable symbol.

The logo is created in a way that the logomark can stand alone as a mark as a symbol for the brand.

Kitsune Logo Lockup

The mark is paired with a logotype that is created using a customized ‘Avenir’ typeface.

Kitsune Business Card Mockup
Kitsune Business Card Mockup
Kitsune Event Ticket Mockup
Kitsune Hoodie Mockup
Kitsune Sticker Mockup

“ Such a pleasure to witness your vision come to life with yourself in the front seat.  The process is so smooth that you will be in their care every step of the way.

– Miyaki Eiko, Kitsune

Kitsune Phone Mockup

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