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The goal for Carabella is to create a symbol that would reflect its name.

The name is composed of two words;  ‘cara’ which means ‘face’, and ‘bella’ which means ‘beauty’. It is also a homage to the jellyfish ‘Carabela Portuguesa’.

We proceed to explore various concepts based on additional keywords derived from the name.

The logo is created in a way that the logomark and logotype can stand alone as a mark that can be used on labeling and embroidery.

Carabella Wordmark

The logotype is created using a customized ‘FF Dax Pro’.

It is also created in a way that it can be used as a standalone wordmark.

Carabella Locked Stacked
Carabella Business Cards
Carabella Mockup
Carabella Tag Mockup
Carabella Bag Mockup
Carabella Hanger Mockup

“ Exceptional! Thank you very much for everything, really, they are a machine!

– Álvaro Serrano, Carabella

Carabella Sign Mockup

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