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The goal for this brand was to create a mark that would reflect the name Corbin which means raven or ‘black bird’.

Therefore, we proceeded on exploring directions and have chosen the best concept that would resonate with the following keywords: ethereal, energetic, and boundless/infinite.

The logomark works in both positive and negative backgrounds.

It serves as a line-art on light backgrounds while it fills up the empty spaces when placed on dark backgrounds to show the raven’s true colours.

Aves Noir Wordmark

Furthermore, deciding to use a customized Bergman typeface makes the logo radiate a sense of elegance to the eye.

Aves Noir Lockup Stacked
Aves Noir Tag Mockup
Aves Noir Shirt Mockup
Aves Noir Sweatshirt Mockup

“ Working with Albert (Quaint Creative) has been one of the most professional and stress free processes I’ve had. It truly is next level to work with someone you can give your trust, dreams, and vision to; and rest easy knowing they’ll deliver WELL over your expectations. I can’t wait to work on the next project with them and take things to a new level!

– Corbin Winkfield, Aves Noir

Aves Noir Vinyl Mockup

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